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Haras Cachoeira´s work philosophy is based on a long term mentality aiming for the best results in Dressage; the most classic equestrian discipline. Our main distinction is the expertise acquired working with horses of European origin, mainly Swedish and German.

The very high quality standard of our facility makes Haras Cachoeira the ideal place for the well-being of the horses.

We strongly believe in the extreme care with which a peaceful environment has to be provided for our horses. Their relation with man has to be of tranquility, affection and respect. The success of this endeavor is already visible through our horses’ athletic ability, elegance, suppleness and attentiveness.

The Passion that the owners of Haras Cachoeira have for horses and for Dressage have made this equestrian oasis a way of life. This characteristic is immediately evident to any visitor who will surely appreciate the beauty of the place and the love for the horses that live there.

Haras Cachoeira is placed at the beautiful hills on the outskirts of Itu, a city within São Paulo state. This unique property is in complete harmony with nature and everything is done with great awareness of and concern with the environment.